Enjoy The Freshness Of Newly Ground Coffee Each Morning

6 September 2022
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If you love your morning coffee, it's time to learn about the difference between whole bean Columbian coffee and ground coffee. While ground coffee is more convenient, you lose a lot when it comes to flavor. It's easy to grind your own coffee beans using a coffee grinder, and you can set the grinder to prepare the beans for any type of brewing system you want to use. You don't have to be stuck with the same coffee brewing method each morning, simply because you bought a bunch of coffee that is already ground up.

Whole Bean Coffee Is Better Tasting

When you purchase a bag of 2 lb. bag whole bean Columbian coffee, you will quickly understand the difference between whole bean and ground coffee. It has a better flavor because it has been freshly ground to your liking. Coffee shops often use whole bean coffee and grind the coffee as needed for the best-tasting coffee around. 

It's Easy to Grind Your Coffee

A simple coffee grinder on the counter will grind your coffee to the setting you want. You will be able to set the grinder depending on the type of brewing system you are using. This allows you to try a variety of brewing methods to switch things up. Coffee grinders are inexpensive and give you the ability to have whole bean coffee instead of ground coffee.

Whole Bean Coffee Is More Shelf Stable

When you buy a large bag of whole bean coffee, it's going to last longer than a bag of ground coffee beans. Coffee beans are not really shelf stable, meaning they are only going to last so long before they spoil. Coffee beans are best preserved when they are in whole bean form. Once you grind coffee beans, they are exposed to air and will break down faster.

Choose Your Brew for the Day

If you have a coffee machine that makes coffee, lattes, and espresso, you want the ability to have the right coffee for your brewing needs. With a 2 lb. bag of whole bean coffee, you will have options when it comes to your coffee for the day. Simply grind the beans to the right size for your brewing method, and enjoy.

Coffee doesn't have to be the same old experience every morning. Level up when you invest in whole bean coffee and a grinder for your home. Enjoy the fresh taste of freshly ground beans.