Gift Chocolates Creatively With These 3 Fun Ideas

26 October 2017
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Chocolate is loved by most people, so it's an easy choice when you're looking for a gift to give to somebody with a sweet tooth. Even the people who have everything already can enjoy chocolate! But a box or bag of chocolates can feel like a bit of a cliché. It's easy to find yourself searching for ways to make this standard gift a bit more interesting. Luckily, it's easier to get creative with chocolates than you may think. Take a look at some fun and creative ways to gift chocolate the next time you want to give someone a sweet treat for a special occasion.

Buy a Subscription

For a gift that keeps on giving, consider buying that special someone a chocolate subscription box. There are multiple candy subscription services out there and plenty of different price ranges, so this is the kind of gift that can work for almost anyone on almost any kind of budget.

This is a great choice for someone who is an adventurous eater and who might like to try unusual flavor combinations, like chocolate spiced with hot chili pepper. You can choose a service that will send them exclusive artisanal chocolates with different flavors and textures every month.  It also works well for someone who just has one particular chocolate treat that they love — if they only like chocolate caramels, give them a year of chocolate caramels, delivered straight to their mailbox every month. And whenever their monthly treats arrive, the recipient will think of you.

Add The Chocolates to Baked Goods

For the true chocoholic, the best way to gift chocolate candies may be to add them to more chocolate. Make a batch of chocolate cupcakes and top each one with a chocolate-covered cherry. Or, make a Chocolate Wasted Cake, which is meant to be topped with various candy bars, but top it with assorted truffles from your chocolate gift box instead.

As long as you know how to bake and your intended recipient doesn't have any allergies that you're aware of, there's almost no way to go wrong with this method. You're still giving them chocolates, but you're also giving a thoughtful, homemade, artfully presented gift. And if you're lucky, maybe they'll invite you to share the baked goods with them.

Dress Up the Packaging

Maybe you just want a prettier package for your chocolate gift. There are lots of creative ways to dress up your candy packaging if you enjoy craft projects.

Mason jars are inexpensive, easy to decorate, and work well to create a tasty gift that looks pretty as well. Round candies, like chocolate-covered coffee beans or raisins, look particularly tempting when they fill a see-through glass mason jar. Depending on the occasion and your preference, mason jars can be decorated with glitter, fabric, stickers, nametags, or bows.

For truffles and assorted chocolates, you can't go wrong with metal tins with lids. They're easy to fill, make great keepsakes, and aren't easily damaged during shipping, which is great if the gift has to travel long-distance to get to its intended recipient.

Want a prettier container for your gift without the hassle of removing the chocolates from the box? Luckily, you can easily personalize any candy box with a lift-off lid. Try painting the box a solid color and printing out a photo to glue to the top of the lid. A family photo, school picture, or picture of a holiday or seasonal scene are all good options for decorating the lid of a chocolate box.

It's definitely possible to give a gift of chocolate and still have your gift stand out as unique. With a little creativity, you can turn that simple gift into something very special to the gift recipient. Check out websites like for more ideas.