Four Things To Know About Buying K-Cups To Use In Your Bed And Breakfast

5 November 2017
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When you own a bed and breakfast, it is important for you to do what you can to make your guests feel as comfortable as they possibly can. One great way to make them feel at home is to have a coffee machine available for them to use whenever they choose. Invest in a single-cup brewer, so that you do not waste coffee throughout the day. The following guide walks you through a few things to consider before investing in the pods that you will need to buy to be used in the brewer:

Choose a Variety of K Cups

When you have a communal machine for everyone to use, it is best to invest in a variety of different coffee flavors so that everyone can have a cup that they enjoy each day. You may want to consider buying a few K-cups of tea, as well so that people can enjoy a warm cup of tea when they go to bed.

Invest in Decaffeinated and Caffeinated Options

It is important to invest in both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee and tea K-cups. There are some people who cannot tolerate caffeine. These people need to have decaffeinated options available to them. There are more than likely going to be more people who prefer to have caffeine in the morning though so you may not want to invest in too many decaffeinated options.

Display the Cups So They Are Easy to Read

There are K-cup racks available that you can use to display the cups next to the brewer. The cups will have labels on the top of them that state what is in each cup. Having a rack to organize the cups on will make it easier for your guests to see what options you have available for them to try.

Buy the K-Cups in Bulk

When you purchase the K-cups for your bed and breakfast, it is best to buy them in bulk. This will save you money in the long run because you may be able to avoid paying for the shipping costs after you buy a certain amount of the K-cups.

Be sure to set up a station next to the brewer that has cream, sugar, and even lemons in it for people who want to drink tea. The brewer will make life much easier for you because you will only have to worry about adding water to it, rather than constantly having to make sure that there is fresh coffee in the coffee pot.

Contact a store where you can buy k-cups for more information and assistance.