Learn About Japanese Cuisine Before Preparing A Special Dinner For Your Family

9 November 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


if you are currently learning about Japanese culture and have taken an interest in some of the foods that are commonly eaten in Japan, including sushi, fried rice, and vegetables, use the tips below to learn more about the cuisine so that you can recreate dishes while at home and treat your family to a special dinner.

Visit A Japanese Restaurant

Visit a popular Japenese restaurant that offers a buffet or that prepares meals to order while you watch. If you choose a restaurant that has a buffet, don't be afraid to ask the staff what types of ingredients are in specific dishes so that you can educate yourself during the outing. Of course, you may spot dishes that contain foods that you never thought about eating before, such as raw fish or octopus. Keep an open mind and try a variety of foods so that you can decide if any of the dishes are ones that you would like to prepare for your family at a later date.

If the restaurant features chefs who prepare food to order in front of patrons, observe the ingredients that are added to bowls or other types of cookware and the amount of cooking time that each dish requires.

Watch Instructional Videos And Follow Along

Purchase a couple Japanese cooking videos and watch each one before attempting to make the dishes that are featured in each recording. Before preparing and cooking Japanese food that is in the videos, gather up cooking utensils, cookware, and ingredients.

If you do not have specific ingredients on hand, stop by a Japanese grocery store or a standard grocery store that has a section inside of it that is designated for Japanese cuisine. At home, carefully watch each video and pause the recordings as needed so that you can follow along at a comfortable speed. Through trial and error, you will gain confidence and will soon be able to master the art of creating some basic Japanese dishes. 

Use Note Cards To Aid You While Preparing A Feast

After you feel trained enough to successfully prepare a Japanese feast for your family, announce your intentions to your family members and provide them with a time and date for the dinner. Write down basic recipes or instructions on note cards and refer to the cards as you prepare dishes. Place finished dishes in the center of your dining room table. Welcome your family to fill their plates and enjoy the meal that you made for them. 

Visit a restaurant, like House Of Kobe, for more recipe and food inspiration.