Fill A Children's Grazing Table With These Items

6 February 2020
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


At catered parties for adults, grazing tables are an increasingly popular feature. These are tables with large spreads of stylishly prepared and displayed food. Meats, cheeses, and other items are all common additions to a grazing table. There are many reasons that this selection of food may appeal to you for your upcoming catered party, but if you're having a party that children will be attending, you may want to think about a child-friendly grazing table. While some kids would be happy to grab food off a grazing table for adults, they might not recognize many of the items. A children's grazing table will offer familiar fare, especially when you fill it with these items.


Popcorn is a perfect choice for a grazing table aimed at children. It's affordable to offer, most children love it, and it can easily be swept up if children drop it. There are also many different varieties of popcorn to consider, including plain popcorn, cheese popcorn, and caramel popcorn. This simple snack food may be one of the most popular items on your children's grazing table.

Trail Mix

Another good option to add to your child-friendly grazing table is trail mix. Your catering service can make up a large batch of trail mix — or perhaps a few different batches with different ingredients — to meet your specifications. Combinations of dried fruits, yogurt bites, nuts, seeds, and other items can all be enticing to children. Of course, you'll want to check to ensure that no children who are scheduled to be in attendance have nut allergies. If there's any doubt, move forward with trail mix that doesn't contain nuts.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is also worthwhile for your children's grazing table. Try to stay away from everyday fruits that children may not feel excited about, such as apples and oranges. Instead, look for fresh berries, kiwis, and pears. You may also ask your caterer to jazz up some of the fruits by dipping them in chocolate.

Veggies And Dip

Veggies and dip might be a simple choice, but it's an effective idea to add to your grazing table for kids. Many parents want their children to consume at least some veggies with each meal, even at catered parties. Choosing a selection of colorful vegetables and offering small containers of child-friendly dip — ranch dressing, for example — is sure to be a big hit for children and their parents.

Keep these tips in mind as you work with a catering company like Marians Island Wide Catering to plan the food for your event.